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Life & Mortgage Protection Insurance in Spain

Liberty Seguros' life insurance products aim to provide peace of mind for both the insured and their family.

It is especially suitable for:
Those people with economically dependent relatives: spouse or partner, children, parents, disabled people. Those conscious of the low benefits of the Social security, especially the self-employed, who may have insufficient cover. People worried about covering invalidity: professions that imply situations of risk, practice of determined sports.People worried about the risk of suffering a serious illness.People with outstanding financial commitments i.e. mortgages, loans etc.

If any of the above is applicable to your situation, perhaps you should seriously consider Life Insurance.

If you have health issues, were you requested to have a medical by your existing underwriters? The medical may or may not be required for Life Insurance by our underwriters this depends on capital and age, all costs for this will be met. This procedure will protect you when making a claim.


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.

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Why come to us for Life Insurance

We can guarantee not only that our policy is excellent, but the premium will be far better value than the banks can offer you - we are often up to 50% cheaper than the banks. Now, that has to make a lot of sense!

Contact our specialist advisors for advice and quotations on life insurance/mortgage protection insurance as soon as possible if you require a competitive quote because most banks/insurers will demand a two month cancellation period.

STOP PRESS! Liberty Seguros offers cover from persons up to 70 years of age and will continue cover up to a maximum age of 80.

There is no legal reason why you should not change to us and save hard earned money every year.

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