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Funeral insurance plans in Spain

I am not particularly frightened of dying, I just don't want to be there when it happens Woody Allen

Making arrangements for their own funeral is an uncomfortable topic for some people, but no less of a necessity. We routinely take out insurance protection against events that we hope will never happen (car crash, house burglary etc) and which for most people never will, yet we shy away from facing up to what is 100% guaranteed to happen to all of us at some point; only the timing is uncertain. The importance of doing this however, especially here in Spain, simply cannot be overstated.

We make wills without feeling awkward, and we decide what to leave to our loved ones, but there are also things that we would not wish to leave them with : the burden of high funeral costs when payment is required immediately and at a time when bank accounts are often frozen; the worry and stress of all the arrangements at a time of great upset; coping with the speed with which these things are done in Spain; and attempting to handle all of this with the added pressure of a different language and culture. Simply leaving all of this to fall on the shoulders of a surviving spouse or partner is an abdication of personal responsibility; making sensible, planned arrangements is an act of love, being caring enough to insulate and protect those closest to you at what will be a very difficult time.


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.

Jennifer Cunningham offers Funeral Plans designed for the expat market

Why make six telephone calls instead of one which will activate all the arrangements and guarantee payment?

By deciding to accept responsibility for your own demise, you need to select the plan which suits your needs best.

An insurance plan enables you to pay a small annual premium, whilst you may prefer a pre paid plan . Payable interest free over five years, and with dual certification for two countries.

Both the pre-paid and insurance plan will come into operation as soon as you have been accepted.

Our Consultants will advise you accordingly.

You will all need to arrange and pay for a funeral, why not make it easier and far more cost effective, by calling us now.


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances, we are more than just a voice on the phone.

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