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Expat Services Overview

Jennifer has selected professionals to work alongside her company and therefore is able to offer regulated sound advice from the consultants.

Legal Services

Wills, conveyancing, divorce, inheritance tax advice.

Wills – due to a new EU directive from 2015, both Spanish and UK wills would be beneficial to you. With regard to the Spanish will, you will need to take advice on updating and amending the will, where appropriate.

Financial Services

Take professional advice from the worlds largest independent financial company, with a free consultation.
The recent pension reforms will need expert advice as to where to place your money wisely and with the correct advice. Do not be tempted when you are offered high interest, or tax free offers, these are unrealistic and extremely dangerous. When seeking advice regarding pensions, make sure both the Company and the Pension advisor are regulated by the Financial Control Authority (FCA). You could find yourself in trouble with the Pensions Department if you do not follow the strict rules correctly.


If you find the prospect of requesting and organising a mortgage via a Spanish bank daunting – don´t worry. This can all be handled for you at no extra cost to yourself and I can assure you that the process will be faster and less stressful. Please contact one of our offices for more information and a quotation.

Currency Exchange

If you would like us to handle your currency exchange, we can do so with a company who is well established, fully regulated and is able to offer far more beneficial terms and costs than the banks.


Jennifer Cunningham Insurances S.L. Insurance in Spain made simple.

Jennifer Cunningham offers a range of services designed for the expat market.

Jennifer Cunningham Expat Services, more than just a voice on the phone.

Jennifer Cunningham offers expat services in Spain. As Jennifer Cunningham has been in business since 1992 she has a great deal of experience listening to all the issues expats incur living or holidaying in Spain and experienced many herself.

Jennifer has also found the solutions to these issues.

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